Runciman Surname One Name Study/DNA project (Goons)
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Site Guidelines

Import standard suggestions

When exporting data from your genealogy program remember that although only registered users can access details on individuals you have uploaded, you may care to restrict your data on the living.
My personal preference is to select all descendants of a RUNCIMAN patriarch, provided they were born before 1911, delete those no longer surnamed RUNCIMAN, then add the spouses.
The rationale for this is that
this site is for documenting those with the RUNCIMAN (and variants) surname and sites such as WikiTree are better suited for the living, more recent, members of the family, where they can control what they wish to show the world about their life/connections.

Logged in users can see initial and surnames for the living.
Tree owners can see and edit all data in their trees once exported (but any edits may be overwritten by a subsequent import).
NB even if you've privatised your data on a person prior to exporting, any source data attached may "give the game away".
I try to remember to mark birth and marriage dates for the living in my source data as "sensitive" so it is excluded on any import, but I don't always remember to do so.

To take full advantage of the geocoding facilities of TNG it helps if you are consistent in your data entry.
The recommendation is for all places to include at least the country, and preferably also a state/county/parish.
Check the FInd > Places menu to see the existing places defined.

Any image attached to a person/family etc is visible to anyone browsing the site UNLESS it is attached to a living person.
The exception for the latter is if Always Visible is marked when the media file is uploaded.

Owner/SourceLorna Henderson
DateMar 2016

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