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51 (17 at marriage) McFie, Janet (I63740)
52 (1826 on Iowa State Legislature site, BEW from 1841 census, but baptised ELN) Runciman, William (I62677)
53 (1841 says b. Berwickshire, but baptism was in ELN) Runciman, Mary (I69077)
54 (1851 census supplies finer place detail, but infers 1813) Runciman, Thomas (I44982)
55 (1861 census) Runciman, Thomas (I44982)
56 (1861 implies 1853, Leith) Runciman, Alexander Molison (I63183)
57 (1863 by marriage, 1861 by 1871 census and death) Kerr, Jane (I74390)
58 (1881 - but not obvious in 1871, so assumed to be later) Runciman, George (I62918)
59 (1881) Runciman, Margaret (I63221)
60 (1901 census, family ages all mostly out) Runciman, Agatha Rachel MA (I67772)
61 (19th on OneGreatFramily assumed to be typo as original birth record has 29th) Runciman, John (I52233)
62 (1st wife Isabella died. 1834, and the Annapolis Heritage Soc. says the marriage was 1836, FamSearch index shows 1830 - 1836 assumed correct) Family F7
63 (2nd forename not on her birth cert.) Runciman, Elizabeth Isabella (I41531)
64 (abt 1800 by the 1861 census) Runceman, Mary (I72281)
65 (abt 1820 by 1871 census) Runciman, Charles (I66835)
66 (according to the Fasti article on father Dr David R, he died 1862 in Dunbar, but there are no William Runciman deaths registered in Scotland that match around 1862/3, and if he was in Sth Africa Jul 1862, he'd be hard pushed to get back) Runciman, William Aitchison (I41538)
67 (also 22 May 1852 Kirkliston, ELN) St Cuthberts entry reads: RUNCIMAN Thomas, Gentleman's Servant, Residing at Ingliston, in the Parish of Kirkliston, and Jane Mossman, Residing at No 3 Rutland Street in this Parish, Seventh Daughter of the late Robert Mossman, Farm Servant at Rhodes in the Parish of North Berwick, have been three several times duly and regularly proclaimed in the Parish Church of Saint Cuthberts in orderto marriage and no objections offered.
Married on the fourth June Eighteen hundred and fifty two by the Revd Dr Thomas Jackson Crawford one of the Ministers of the Parish of Saint Andrew, Edinburgh 
Family F99
68 (Also includes many certificates and desc. charts) Source (S3070)
69 (and even younger in the1881 census) Runciman, Thomas (I44982)
70 (as listed in his entry in the Royal Colonial Institute year book) Runciman, Matthew Leishman (I41540)
71 (as Patrick) Runciman, Peter (I62606)
72 (assumes correct dth identified) Runciman, James (I62924)
73 (assumes correct id ) Cumming, Effie (I51476)
74 (assuming correct id of this being the correct Richard) entry for Apr 29th reads: "Richard Runciman and Jean Clawson both in this paroch 12/-" Family F26
75 (assuming this is Robert) "owner of one of the finest quintas in the district of San Josť de Flores suburb of Buenos Aires" Runciman, Robert Inglis (Peel) (I41530)
76 (at marriage) Runciman, Margaret (I63221)
77 (at marriage) Keith, Hugh (I68783)
78 (Barbara's transcript has 1760 with no entries 1761, SctP has indexed as 1761) Runciman, Christian (I63297)
79 (but Janet consistently shows as born Glasgow on census records) Runciman, Janet Lockie (I41537)
80 (Can't be him!!) passenger list shows Ernest as an adult, clerk, travelling 2nd class, destination Boston Runciman, Arthur Ernest (I62639)
81 (date a guess, assumes he married at about 25) Runciman, David (I5539)
82 (date assumed to be baptism rather than birth, given Wantonwalls, his stated birthplace, is in Lauder - no mother's name given in index) Runciman, David D.D. (I41524)
83 (date assumes correct id) Crawford, Christina Murray (I66791)
84 (despite what his h/stone says, he was in reality at least 74) Runciman, David (I11353)
85 (Dick's tree has Loudon as the place) Dykes, Agnes Robertson (I41674)
86 (dtr Jean b. 1805, son Robert 1799) Family F108
87 (Eliz. Archer has born 17 Apr 1803 North Berwick East Lothian, which a source has now been found for - merchant service ticket) Runciman, Alexander (I42389)
88 (Eliz. Archer has born 2 Jun 1842, Glasgow) Runciman, Charles (I53414)
89 (Eliz. Archer has d. 28 Aug 1918, Glasgow) Runciman, Charles (I53414)
90 (extracted IGI batch 18th, Edin; patron submission says Dunbar 25th, confirmed by SctP index search) Family F28
91 (Fasti says 6th Jun) Runciman, John Aitchison (I41533)
92 (Father's Fasti entry has "died 1874") Runciman, Alexander Ewing (I41536)
93 (get an error when trying to access the IGI record to check parents and batch number) Scott, Thomas (I50294)
94 (I initially interpreted Agnes' surname as MORETON, from son Robert's dth cert, but Thomas' dth, and re-inspection of Robert's dth cert, show it as HOWDEN, which is on the IGI, and dtr Martha was with a HOWDEN family in 1871 Howden, Agnes (I42333)
95 (index searches) Source (S2970)
96 (index searches) Source (S2970)
97 (index searches) Source (S2970)
98 (index searches) Source (S2970)
99 (index searches) Source (S2970)
100 (index searches) Source (S2970)

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