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151 ... "The Shag Valley was greatly inundated, and many sheep were drowned. It is reported that many lives have been lost there, but the report requires confirmation. The flour mill, house, and all other buildings were washed away, and Mr Runciman, the owner, his wife, tliree children, and three servants were rescued from the water wheel of the mill after having been there for eight hours" (assumed to be this family given that Elizabeth's MITCHELL brother John lived in Shag Valley at least around Aug 1884, although back in NE Valley by 1886)
.. "The enterprising proprietor of the Shag valley flour mill, Mr Runciman, has sustained, we regret to say, a most severe loss ; the mill, house and stables having been swept away himself, wife, three children, two men and a, female servant, at tne imminent risk of their lives, having with heroic fortitude remained from twelve o'clock m the evening till seven m the morning on the waterwheel of the mill until they were rescued from their perilous position by the praisworthy conduct of a man named William Gray, who swam across to their assistance with a rope, a temporary boat having been made by the inhabitants, when they were safely brought over. Mr Rich, we may mention, who witnessed the sad calamity, offered with commendable Christian sympathy, 25 to anyone volunteering to fetch a boat from Waikouaiti to relieve the sufferers. Mr J. Duncan, a livery stable keeper at Palmerston, at once accepted the offer, and without delay started on his errand ; but on reaching Pleasant River he was, much to regret, compelled to retrace his steps, the river being so flooded that he could not effect a crossing, the bridge, as before stated, havig been washed away. Glover's store at Palmerston, has also sustained injury from the flood." 
Family F55
152 10mths old in 1895 census Runciman, Edmund Inglis (I41625)
153 16 when father died Runsiman, Janet (I70441)
154 1755 and 1763 records show his surname as Runciman, John (I68639)
155 1812 Born 24 July Baptised 9 August Isabel RUNCIMAN dau. of Alexr, hind in Mickle Pinkerton, & Joan MANDERSON his wife. Wit. Thomas RUNCIMAN, William MANDERSON
(Thomas assumed to be Alexander's father) 
Runciman, Isabel (I42362)
156 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920 available as at Feb 2014 Source (S3327)
157 18th April, 2nd dtr (1st may be Robina Ker Aitchison, chr 1808) Aitchison, Janet (I41525)
158 1900 census shows her birth as Oct 1869, two separate sources have her birthday as 14th, albeit disagreeing on mth and year (Oct or Nov, 1869 or 1870). The researcher who had her as 14 Oct 1870 now agrees Nov 1869 as she appeared in the Jun 1870 census as a 6mth old, with month shown as Nov Sly, Mattie U (I50232)
159 1913,1916, 1917, 1918: Louis S, 12 Grayhurst Park
1914 & 1916: Louis S supt 26 York h 12 Grayhurst Park (entry is next to brother Donald) 
Runciman, Louis Spring (I41620)
160 1930 says at age 22, 1910 says married 5 yrs. Finally found the marriage, indexed as REMCIMAN; Charles s/o George and Emma (HAMP) REMCIMAN; Delia d/o Charles & Mary (REITHMILLER) MAYER (did Waterloo switch between Jackson Co. and Washtenaw? marr. registered Wasthenaw Co.) Family F87
161 22 in 1841, 49 in 1871 Runciman, Adam (I63194)
162 27 page document containing the inventory and trust dispostion and settlement executed 8th Jun 1858, and codicil dated 27th Dec 1867. Also a 2 page document appointing the executors under the same Trust disposition and codicil
Both downloaded Sep 2005 
Source (S2343)
163 27th Coy Imp. Yeomanry || His short service attestation form shows him as 25 yrs 9 mths; Born Darlington, Durham, son of George RUNCIMAN of 39 (sic) St James Rd, Hightown, Manchester; Trade barman; 5'5" light complexion gray eyes sandy hair;
Subsequent documents show he served in Sth Africa 1899-1901; Medals: Queens; C C ?Oyes? Trans; S A 1901 & 02;
Discharged 5.7.02 on completion of service afte 1 yr 158 days; aged 27 y 4m , 5'5", fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, by trade a publican, intended residence 39 St James Rd, Hightown, Manchester; Had suffered enteric fever and was transferred from Bloemfontein 1/5/02 to be returned to England as unfit for active service for several months; 
Runciman, John George (I62626)
164 28 Sep 1887, in Argentina|| no employment|| || ||tall, of medium build||grey||black (not bald)|| enrolled County Cumberland, Portland, declared intention to become a citizen, born Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, wife and 3 children, claiming exemption because of health and his wife and 3 children, has pulmonary tuberculosis Runciman, Louis Spring (I41620)
165 28th on ancestry index 25th on image, which shows Mary L as d/o Orville farmer, & Mary E GORTON, (reg. May 6, 1893) Gorton, Mary L (I50226)
166 4th child. OPR entry for 28 Apr shows James L.S. of William Runciman Senr in Linkhouse and his wife Jean Cockburnwas born as above and baptized before the congregation Runciman, James (I62491)
167 55, "abode": The Plantation, Halliford Rd, Runciman, Walter Castles (I62556)
168 5th dtr of James Cochran STEVENSON, chemicals manufaturer and MP for Sth Shields Stevenson, Hilda (I53237)
169 6 children (Ros), 7 children (Jim) Family F44
170 70 Runciman, Janet (I11359)
171 72 (family tree says 25.9.1832) Lockie, Janet (I11354)
172 73 Mercer, William (I11358)
173 77 Runciman, Richard John Binnie (I63713)
174 8th born Runciman, Ethel Aitcheson (I41611)
175 8th Jun 1858, with codicil dated 27th Dec 1867||The 2 page document recorded the value of his inventory "to date of Oath, (23rd Feb 1872) situated in Scotland amounting in value to one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight pounds thirteen shillings and ten pence sterling" Runciman, James (I16766)
176 9DVK-6W3 Runciman, John Broome (I63620)
177 click hereRunciman, Sir Steven (I53238)
178 click here Runciman, Walter 1st Baron Runciman (I41614)
179 click here Runciman, Walter 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford (I53236)
180 click here. Alan has input Jen and Diane's 2004 "Scotland and Beyond" family tree Runciman, William (I62529)
181 ?1877 685/03 #885 Canongate? Runciman, George (I67067)
182 ?? the Free Church Eacher (?Preacher/Teacher?) English, 22k, lodger, b Yester, HAD in hsehold of some HISLOPS Runciman, Robert Howden (I53250)
183 ?perhaps he added a year to his age nearer pension time? Runciman, Clyde William (I50279)
184 a baker || with the ancestry extract from the directory also giving dates as 1761-1770, 1776 - 1800 (don't yet know the significance of the two date ranges, the earlier ones are unlikely to be this William. Possibly they are just the directory date ranges?) Runciman, William (I16604)
185 a 136 day voyage from Sheerness 27 Aug 1841, arriving 13 Jan 1842. 350 convicts (male) embarked, 2 died en route Runciman, John (I52534)
186 a couple of contenders in NBL: Record
Thomas Runciman b. abt 1880 Oct-Nov-Dec 1942 Northumberland North First Northumberland
Thomas H Runciman b. abt 1884 Oct-Nov-Dec 1948 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland 
Runciman, Thomas (I62893)
187 A direct maternal descendant of Elizabeth's has been DNA tested. She belongs to haplogroup H, Helina in Bryan SYKES' "Seven Daughters of Eve" Familton, Elizabeth (I16548)
188 a farmer Thomson, George (I41784)
189 A John Greig RUNCIMAN holds two patents, one for a ladder for sloping roofs, the other for letterboxes Runciman, John Greig (I70317)
190 a minor at marriage in 1866 Duggan, Mary (I69595)
191 A noted historian. His magnum opus being "A History of the Crusades" (Cambridge University Press 1951-54) Runciman, Sir Steven (I53238)
192 actually said Berwick Scotland, given other records show Berwick upon Tweed, changed it to England! King, Eleonie Augusta (I42364)
193 Ada WATERS 25 farm servant b Lowick, Northumberland, in hsehold with sisters Waters, Ada (I62906)
194 ADAMSON: Robert 24 baker b Pathhean (?Pathead?), Edin. Co.; wife Elizabeth 24 b Edin. Family F111
195 ADAMSON: Robert 34 baker b Crighton,MLN; wife Elizabeth 34 b St John's, MLN Children: John 7, Margaret 6, Beatrice 4, Robert 2 all b St Cuthberts (next schedule, Elizabeth's mother) Family F111
196 Added Dec 2009 Source (S2891)
197 Affidavit/license (applied for 7th) shows Robert Edie) as 53, widower, born Haddington, Scotland, resid. Plainsville, ONT, s/o William RUNCIMAN & Jean FRANCE; Hilda Trevelyon as 40, teacher, spinster, born Toronto, resid. Cobourg, d/o Andrew GREEN & Louisa Sullivan RIDOUT; Wit: Mabel L GREEN, W H GREEN, both of Cobourg Family F50
198 after a long illness at his home Runciman, Walter 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford (I53236)
199 after banns, reformed Pres. Ch: James, 30, engine batt...., of 509 St Vinians St, Glasgow, widower, s/o Alexander RUNCIMAN, marine engineer and Jane m.s. THOMSON married his cousin, Mary dom servant, 19, of Murrayfield, Edin, d/o James THOMSON, market gardener and Ann m.s. FERGUSON. Wit: L T RUNCIMAN and Janet THOMSON Family F7
200 after swallowing a date stone and had a convulsion, dates banned in the family after that (aged 17 mths) Runciman, Mary Russell Kerr (I50234)

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