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101 (index searches) Source (S2970)
102 (Lauder, BEW from chr) Runciman, Andrew Brown (I41725)
103 (marr. to Mairi A N MORRISON b 1903 Isle of Skye) Runciman, Herbert (I53410)
104 (may, or may not, be the Richard buried in Buenos Aires) Runciman, Richard (I66787)
105 (might be bap) Runciman, Thomas (I42332)
106 (might be bap) Runciman, John (I53259)
107 (might be bap) Runciman, David (I62592)
108 (might be bap) Runciman, Janet (I62593)
109 (might be birth date) Runciman, Andrew Brown (I41725)
110 (mother died 16th April) Runciman, David (I41495)
111 (mother shown as PILMUIR) Runciman, George (I62557)
112 (NB Scotland and Beyond has Thomas as born abt 1834, census info mostly agrees abt 1844) Runciman, Thomas (I62493)
113 (next door to the Coxhoe Bridge Inn) RUNCIMAN: John 32 gen. lab. b Littletown, DUR; wife Mary A 33 b Stockton, DUR; George (sic) W 12, Maud 10, both scholars b Coxhoe, DUR; Albert E 2 b Coxhoe Family F60
114 (next door to the vicarage) RUNCIMAN: John 43 limestone quarryman b Pittington, DUR; wife Mary A 44 b Stockton, DUR; Children: John W 22 limestone quarryman, Martha A 14, Albert E 12, Catherine E 9 all b Coxhoe, DUR Family F60
115 (no children). Mar. entry reads: Elizabeth Isabella RUNCIMAN 34, (should be 36!) b Scotland, George John O'CONNELL, 40 b NZ, estanciero, Family F20
116 (no Doris May, but there is a Lucy d/o Esther & Allan 1884/13879) McLean, Doris May (I67687)
117 (no mother's name given in index) Runcheman, Elisabeth (I15913)
118 (no mother's name given in index) Runchaman, Jean (I16603)
119 (no obvious notice in The Scotsman) Family F13
120 (no obvious notice in The Scotsman) Dagg, Elliot Scott Ballantyne (I42000)
121 (no obvious notice in The Scotsman) Runciman, Elizabeth (I19727)
122 (not immediately obvious in BDM historical indexes online, but probate confirms date is around 1950) Runciman, Jane Elizabeth (I62717)
123 (not immediately obvious in online index) Runciman, William Edward (I53220)
124 (not immediately obvious in OPRs) Runciman, Robert (I53262)
125 (not immediately obvious in Papers Past) Family F56
126 (not immediately obvious on SctP ELN deaths) Eddington, Margaret (I67926)
127 (not LKS) Runciman, Jeanie Barrie (I72507)
128 (not MLN) Thomson, Mary (I69557)
129 (not obvious in Scotland to 1911, nor in Eng 1908 to 1911) David in Spain who provided place. John's entry in Christ's College biographical register provided the date Family F36
130 (not obvious on the igi) Runciman, John (I11355)
131 (not the c 1824 implied by the ancestry 1851 census transcr.) Runciman, Janet (I67703)
132 (not the Harriet Maud BLOCH born Aldeburgh, she married a John WHITE, 1894, Dorking, SRY) Bloch, Harriet Mary (I67694)
133 (not yet extracted for this project)

For further information on coverage of BEW parish records, eg gaps, see also the,_Scotland;Family Search Wiki for Berwickshire 
Source (S105)
134 (not yet extracted for this project)

For further information on coverage of BEW parish records, eg gaps, see also the,_Scotland;Family Search Wiki for Berwickshire 
Source (S105)
135 (OGF has 23rd Jun but that's bap) Runciman, John (I42393)
136 (or Cockburnspath, BEW - both patron submissions, but both also in the OPR indexes) Family F49
137 (same yr that a Thomas marr. Isabel CRAIG in Dunbar) Thomas of Spott, Mary of Innerwick Family F3
138 (Saturday) Runciman, Benjamin (I62495)
139 (son Robert says b. Spott Dumfries, but more likely East Lothian, but incorrect anyway as bap. exists in Wales) Runciman, William (I62615)
140 (the 1827 birth/baptism of a Janet in Haddington to Thomas PREACHER & Jane HOGG, is assumed to be Jane PRITCHARD as her name then was spelt/pronounced, especially as in the 1861 census, dtr Agnes is given as Agnes Preacher RUNCIMAN) Preacher, Janet (I66836)
141 (the H middle initial from census transcripts is assumed to be an error) Runcimen, Elizabeth B (I68604)
142 (the other Thomas of an age was dead by 1901 census) Runciman, Thomas (I51496)
143 (there are two births recorded in the OPR index to a Thomas and Jean (Simpson), one John (1784, Dunbar), the other George (1798 Innerwick). Given George is a family name for descendants, this does look a likely match for the parents of the Thomas who married Mary Redpath, despite the lack of a baptism entry - which conculsion is now - Jun 2014 - supported by dna evidence) Runciman, Thomas (I62564)
144 (there's one Thomas in 1895 and another in 1894, both Edin.) Runciman, Thomas (I63836)
145 (this birth/bap. is assumed to be James only because it fits with his age at death and there aren't any alternatives on ScotlandsPeople - it may therefore not be the correct James) Runciman, James (I69556)
146 (truncated) entry shows ..?bt? Runseman Gardner in Saltcoats and his wife Janet Sinclair had a S: B: called William Witt Ja: Heriot and Jas Robeson Runseman, William (I69922)
147 (two entries on the igi, one presumably being banns: 10th Aug Canongate, 16th Aug St Cuthberts, this latter being what David put on his dtr Elizabeth's birth cert as his marriage date, in Edinburgh) Family F17
148 (Update May 2014: Given that the descendant of William's brother John doesn't show up as a dna match to any of the other tested lines, we are pleased to be awaiting results from a descendant of William) Runciman, William (I62677)
149 (which date fits his age of 40 in 1841, within normal rounding for that) Runciman, George (I41515)
150 (with all the families claiming this chap I do so hope that he wasn't the "Thomas Runciman, a child" who was accorded the best little mortcloth in Jun 1770 at Dunbar) Runciman, Thomas (I41511)

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