Runciman Surname One Name Study/DNA project (Goons)
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The Runciman One Name Study aims to answer the following questions:
  • Where did the RUNCIMAN name come from?
  • How many RUNCIMANs are there now?
  • How many were there?
  • Where are, and were, they?
  • How many different spellings of the name?
  • And are they all related?
These pages are hosted by the Guild of One Name Studies and as such supplement those maintained by Lorna at Runciman ONS & DNA project.
The main differences being that at this site, should you wish to include your own Runciman lineage here, you may request an account and thus contribute your own data. (Check out the Import guidelines)
This site also has more flexible viewing/search options.
Trees will tend to only show descendants with the surname Runciman (or variants), along with their spouse(s), and stop before any descendant born after 1910.
They are by no means complete - additions and corrections welcome.

To search the genealogy database, enter a name below. You will find many Runciman families!

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The intent is to upload all known Runciman lineages, along with data analyses, and any puzzles needing to be resolved.
Search the Media > Photos section for "Patriarch" to see images linked to assorted lineage end of line Runciman

Runciman Patriarchs:
Lineage 1a (Wanton Walls)
Lineage 1c (Thomas m. Grieve: Dunbar)
Lineage 1b (William of Crail)
Lineage 1d (Meikle Pinkerton)


Most Wanted - we are looking for yDNA candidates from these lines in particular (see also.) Can you help?

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In addition to the automated Info > What's New list of changes, also keep an eye on the Runciman ONS/DNA study project diary
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